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Finding the Right Picnic Set

Picnic sets provide a convenient way for you to pack and carry the things you need to eat a meal in an outdoor setting. They are great for tailgate parties, car camping, a beach outing or even – of all things – a picnic. There are a range of items that you can find in the many manufactured packages, from wine and cheese picnic sets to large picnic baskets that provide a meal service for a group of people.

There are two main reasons people buy a picnic set. One is to use it. Just as popular is buying them as a gift for someone else. Regardless if you are looking for your own use or as a gift there are some options to consider before you buy. This website has been made to to help you do just that. Here you will be able to see the range of choices in how these sets are packaged, what they cost and how they fit with your needs.

The Three Types of Picnic Set Collections

There are three main ways that picnic sets are marketed. There are carrying cases, which generally tend to be on the smaller side. Next in size is what you commonly see referred to as picnic backpacks. These are just what you think they would be, a picnic set that comes in a backpack carrier. The most varied kind are picnic baskets.

Below are some examples of each type and a link to a page with more information about each of the three kinds.

A basic cheese serving picnic set.

A simple picnic set.

Carrying case Picnic Sets

The least involved of the three kinds of picnic set packages are sets that are arranged in some kind of carrying case. You can find wine and cheese collections, generally without plates, and those that are more focused on what you need to eat a meal.

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A picnic backpack collection for two.

A picnic backpack collection for two.

Picnic Backpacks

Here you will find a wider range of choices in what is provided with your picnic set when compared to wine and cheese picnic sets. There are those with or without wine glasses, service for two or four, packs with detachable insulated wine bottle sleeves and even some that come with their own picnic blanket.

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Picnic Baskets

Like Picnic Backpacks, there is a fairly wide range of different sets you can purchase. Simply sets provide what you would need for enjoying some wine and cheese. The other end of the spectrum are large baskets that provide what you need for 6 people and leave you room for packing up your food.

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