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Carrying Case Picnic Sets

A picnic set in a simple carrying case can vary from a small set that is suitable for wine and cheese to those that can accommodate a small group of people. The smallest of these are convenient for a number of uses, including an interesting gift idea.

Wine and Cheese Picnic Sets

The typical set of this type includes: a wine bottle opener, a small cutting board for cheese, a cheese slicer, wine glasses and napkins. It may or may not have room for a bottle of wine. Those that do not include room for a wine bottle can be small enough that they are easy to stow away. If you are looking for a gift, you could package together one of these small sets with a nice bottle of wine and some cheese.

There are also wine and cheese picnic sets that include cutlery, or cutlery and plates. They really are no different than a more complete picnic set, with the only difference being an attempt to market that particular model to a particular segment of the market.

Picnic Sets for Two, Four or Six

If you thinking you would like this kind of picnic set your choices come down to a few different things. One is if you would like to have wine glasses. You can purchase collections that have plates, napkins, cutlery and things like a bottle opener that fit in very compact carrying cases. Glasses, room for a wine bottle and even room for food may or may not make sense for your needs but all of these arrangements are possible in this category.

Some Examples

Here are some examples of carrying case picnic sets, with some of the manufacturers edited but still flowery descriptions, to give you some idea of what these look like and can offer you.

Insulated Wine and Cheese Tote

Insulated Wine and Cheese Tote

Wine and Cheese Picnic Tote

“Holds 1 to 3 wine bottles” “movable inner dividers …. store cheese, crackers, wine glasses or other items.”

This is a very basic tote bag with its appeal being the fact it can stand upright. The lack of glasses fits well with this being a no frills carrier. One of its appealing features is that it stands upright and can keep a bottle, or bottles, or wine from leaking once they are opened. The insulation and arrangement do not make this an efficient cooler but it can help to keep your food or wine from cooling down as quickly as they would without the insulation that is found in the tote.

This model is an inexpensive example of this kind of tote style and costs around $20. You can find others that are more stylish and with some different items in them….



A basic picnic set in a plastic cooler carrier.

A basic picnic set in a plastic cooler carrier.

Picnic Set Coolers
Picnic coolers are similar to picnic totes but are more suited for carrying more than some wine and cheese accoutrements. This model is $30. It has everything you would get in a wine and cheese collection, exept the cutting board, but also has cutlery, plates and salt and pepper shakers. There is also room to pack some food and or a few beverages.

There are many derivations of these kinds of picnic sets. They can come in smaller or larger packages, as you can see below, and with a little less kitschy look too!




Picnic at Ascot Travel Picnic Set for 2

Here is a nice option is you would like a simple set of what you need for eating, without the wine glasses, and would like a compact carrying case.


Backpack Picnic Sets

Basket Picnic Sets

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