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Your Picnic Backpack Options

These kind of picnic sets run the gamut from simply no frills models to fancier, fashionable types that have more features and items. The no frills collections are of course cheaper. In some cases you can find similar picnic sets that have a wide discrepancy in their price. The only difference may be mainly in price alone, with the higher end item typically being sold at fancy retails that sell higher end goods. I have not included any examples of these overpriced models below but you should be aware that this when you do any comparison shopping. Lets take a look at some picnic backpacks in order to illustrate their features and prices.

An low price point picnc backpack set

An low price point picnc backpack set

Picnic Travel Backpack

This is the standard design of most of the bags of this type. It has most of the things you might need to serve and eat a simple meal at a picnic, a campsite or at an outdoor music concert where there is seating at tables. This set includes melamine plates, knives, forks and spoons, plastic wine glasses, napkins, a small cutting board, a cheese knife, a bottle opener, and salt and pepper shakers. There is a small insulated compartment for food or drinks behind the compartment that holds all the picnic items. There is also a wine holder, also insulated, that can be detached from the bag. The quality of this bag is not the best but this would be fine for a low cost, easy to carry picnic set. It might not stand up to a lot of abuse, so might not be all that great for car camping.

Here are some other models, with the one on the right being at least a little different than the typical standard backpack design.



All of the models above are for four people. You can also find picnic backpacks for two…..



A lot of people wouldn’t mind having a blanket with them when they are eating somewhere outdoors. The manufacturers are happy to provide one with the collection of picnic stuff if you don’t want to just bring a blanket or tablecloth you already own. The only real difference, in most cases, is the backpack has a blanket attached on one of the sides where there could have been a wine bottle holder.

There are some examples.



Like was given above for backpacks without blankets, there are also models that are built for two people instead of four. They are not much cheaper than the picnic sets that are equipped for four people. Here are some examples.



Carrying Case Picnic Sets

Picnic Basket Picnic Sets